A tool for better visibility of cloud software usage in Enterprises

With the increased adoption of cloud tooling and low barriers to product expansion, products being created and managed by users outside of the IT department becomes a serious and costly management problem. Studies showed that 79% of IT admins believe the security of company data is at risk due to Shadow IT.

Admins are responsible for how their company utilises cloud software, they therefor need visibility into how their company utilises cloud software.



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Product design




When I joined the team, the project was ambitiously addressing multiple challenges simultaneously, making it difficult to define clear success metrics. Despite these challenges, the team was eager to proceed with their proposed solutions.

I expressed a different viewpoint, suggesting we first clarify our goals, indicators, and metrics through collaborative discussions and careful planning. This approach helped us focus on prioritising tasks and refining the scope of our initial release, allowing us to temporarily set aside other aspects of the project until we gained a better understanding of our customers and business needs.

To enhance our comprehension of the domain, I recommended establishing a feedback mechanism in a more streamlined first release, emphasising the importance of learning from our users.


The experience drove a 3x higher evaluation rate, with 57% purchasing.

88% of admin respondents say they find this feature useful

56% of all unique admin visitors have contacted discovered accounts or exported this data and less than 1% have opted out of notifications

Subsequent efforts have approached the problem space with richer domain understanding due to the feedback collector we built into the first release

Just want to say how cool the Discover Products feature is - I got the email today and found out about two other Jira instances we had no visibility of previously! So a huge thank you for that one

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